Monster Hunter 4 Standard

Monster Hunter 4 has been a bit of a triumph since its release in Japan, surpassing three million sales already and in the process easily hitting Capcom's targets. It's been a positive for Nintendo, too, as it can cite the substantial success of a third-party exclusive on the 3DS.

It's certainly been a strong partnership between the two companies, with Nintendo outfits featuring in the title and two rather delicious 3DS XL models being released alongside the game. Early success has merely emboldened the partners, it seems, as the standard 3DS design above is to be released in the region on 7th November, price at 19,800 yen (just over $200 / £125). It'll include a 4GB SD card (rather than the 2GB storage typically offered with the original model) and a download copy of the game.

It seems like a smart idea ahead of the Winter's busy shopping season, and certainly won't do the impressive sales of the title any harm; do you like this design?