Japanese Bundles

When it comes to the Wii U, Nintendo is undoubtedly working hard to line-up offers and deals to make an impression on the market. We've recently seen a special bundle for The Wind Waker HD in North America — which is also coming to Europe — and more bundles are rumoured, such as one featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and its Luigi DLC, though we expect more to be officially announced in the coming weeks and months. Along with a fairly modest price cut, targeting customers that are seeking value is clearly a priority.

The hardware in Japan, just like elsewhere, is in need of a boost, and two new bundles — four if you count the white and black SKUs — have been revealed. They're all 32GB models, as is now becoming standard, and are reportedly being branded as 'Play Immediately Family Bundles', though we should allow for translation quirks; the details are below.

Bundle 1 (32,800 yen / approximately $330 / £206):

32GB Wii U + New Super Mario Bros. U + Wii Party U + Sensor Bar + Wii Remote + 30 days of Karaoke service

Bundle 2 (34,800 yen / approximately $350 / £220):

32GB Wii U + New Super Mario Bros. U + Wii Party U + Wii Fit U + Sensor Bar + Fit Meter + Wii Remote + 30 days of Karaoke service

The inclusion of a sensor bar is due to it not being standard in the Premium bundles in Japan, while the Balance Board isn't included in bundle 2. Apparently all games will be pre-installed on the system — making a hard drive necessary right off the bat, we suspect — but these are certainly attractive bundles, even accounting for the fact that currency conversions don't always tell the full picture. We have no doubt that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will announce more bundle packages soon, and we certainly hope that both the white 32GB model and various pre-installed games will be included.

We've argued before that, without a price cut, bundles will be key to the Wii U offering good value in the eyes of consumers. With a price cut and attractive bundles, its chances will surely increase further.

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