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The Wii Virtual Console was not only the first of its kind on Nintendo hardware, but it had terrific diversity in the platforms and games that it offered; we'll have to see how far the Wii U Virtual Console progresses on those terms. One of the platforms that was supported, giving excellent opportunities to those that didn't have all of the necessary hardware back in the day, was the Turbografx-16.

Unfortunately, not all of the games stayed on the platform permanently, with titles from various retro systems disappearing in the later years of the Wii lifespan. Four downloads that disappeared from PAL territories in 2012 have now, somewhat out of the blue, reappeared; they're listed on the Wii Shop as new titles as of 19th September. The games in question are as follows.

R-Type (TG-16)
Vigilante (TG-16)
Ninja Spirit (TG-16)
Legend of Hero Tonma (TG-16)

Of course those that downloaded these games before they were withdrawn on 31st March 2012 retained access on their account, but their reappearance now gives those that missed out a chance to grab them once again.

Will any of you be picking these up this time around?

Thanks to WiiLovePeace for the tip