Tick tock, we're so very, very late (image via gadgetsin.com)

Oh dear, we've been rather tardy of late. Despite the fact that we indulge in plenty of gaming every weekend we haven't actually shared those expected shenanigans for a good while. Things happen, weeks drift by, but this week we get back to the serious business of revealing our weekend plans to you, dear readers.

Last time we did this most were becoming power-mad Mayors and shaking trees until dusk, but some other games have arrived since then and our plans now have a little more diversity. Rather than carry on this tedious intro for any longer, let's just get on with it, shall we?

Tom Whitehead

Aside from review games — I'm not sure what I'm allowed to mention, so I'll keep quiet on those — I'm considering delving back into Football Manager 2013, or Soccer Coach 2K13 as it probably isn't branded in North America. The Premier League season's about to start so I can't resist giving it a whirl, while I'm tempted to also download DuckTales Remastered because it looks fun. I like fun games with bright colours; I don't mind admitting it, either.

Andy Green

This weekend I'll mainly be playing Pikmin 3, which is one of the most addictive games I've played in a long while. It has this thing about it that makes you want to play one day more - which admittedly I do sing in the style of Jean Valjean as Alph, Brittany and Charlie head off into space.

Speaking of addiction, I've been getting into Fire Emblem: Awakening again, I'm up to chapter 17 and have plenty of side missions to do. I just can't get enough of it and the cartridge has not left my 3DS for what feels like an age! Most of my characters are getting married too, which brings a tear to my eye.

Thankfully, I downloaded Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I believe it's the bug off this weekend. I'll naturally be going for gold after settling for bronze last time...

So yeah, basically it'll be a weekend of me feeding my addiction. "ONE DAY MORE! Another day, another destiny!"

Jon Wahlgren

I'm off the Animal Crossing train. It no longer has me in its vice-like grip. I might check in from time to time but Trash seems like it's in a pretty good place right now — the town is clean and populated enough now that I can let my settlers build normal lives and deliver their own damned packages for once gosh.

In fact, if it weren't for reviewing Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D I'd probably just leave my 3DS alone for a while. I'm much too captivated by Pikmin 3 to do anything else.

Katy Ellis

Weeks and weeks have gone by but I am still utterly crazy in love with Fire Emblem: Awakening. I've dropped my Animal Crossing: New Leaf mayoral duties (my apologies to the townsfolk of Kanji¥¥) in favour of acting as the cupid of war, taking out armies and marrying off my shepherds to anyone who'll have them. Frederick and Cherche got married last night - it was beautiful.

Orla Madden

This weekend I'll be spending some time with Fire Emblem: Awakening. I've reached Chapter 16, and things are starting to get interesting with the character's stories. I married myself off with Lon'qu (I stupidly married Chrom off with Sumia first, I should have swooped in there sooner), so I plan on pairing off some more of them over the weekend.

I got another chance to play Earthbound during the week between shifts at work, it's such a charming game that I really need to put aside some time to play it more often. I've arrived at Happy Happy Village, so I'm still in the early stages of the game. Apart from the gameplay, I'm completely smitten with the soundtrack, I can't stop tapping my fingers and toes whilst playing.

I'll probably pop onto Art Academy SketchPad too, I've been doing some drawings, but haven't posted anything on Miiverse due to my internet being down the past week; that all changes today as it's back up and running so beware, interwebs, Orla's artwork is coming to a GamePad near you!

Ron DelVillano

The majority of my weekend is going to DuckTales: Remastered on Wii U. I'm determined to collect enough cash to purchase all of the extras! I'm also going to spend some time with Dragon's Crown on Vita. Who doesn't love a bit of hack-and-slash mayhem?

If I decide to pick up a copy when it drops on Sunday, then I'll probably be spending too many hours on Disney Infinity as well. There are just too many great games out right now and my backlog is really starting to pile up.

Morgan Sleeper

After a week on the road, I'm looking forward to getting home to my Wii U and spending some quality time with DuckTales: Remastered. I've never played the NES original, but I was a huge fan of the show back in the day, so I'm expecting this weekend to be a bit of a duck-blur. I also can't wait to get back to Earthbound - this is my first time playing and I'm totally in love! After reading Itoi's touching letter on the game's website, I wiped my "Ness/Paula/Jeff/Poo" save file and started over, naming the characters after me and my friends; it feels even more special to me now. I also love how incredibly musical it is, from the sample-soaked dub reggae of the hospital lobbies to the infectious battle tunes. I keep trying to time my menu selections to the beat!

Dave Letcavage

Lots O’ gaming going on around here this weekend, that’s for sure! I'll definitely be playing through DuckTales: Remastered at least another time or two (for those of you on the fence, check out Ron’s review – it’s fantastic!). I also need to fight through the punk-rock-a-lypse in Charlie Murder before writing my review for PureXbox. And lastly, I swear I’m FINALLY going to track down a copy of Boogerman for Super Nintendo!! I’ve been searching high and low as of late, and only happen to be stumbling on the Genesis version. It's a bummer, dude. A total bummer.

Stephen Kelly

"What am I planning on playing this weekend?" That question is old hat! "What am I planning on making this weekend?" is closer to the mark, as I've recently downloaded RPG Maker VX Ace from Steam. I've already finished a whole room (with objects inside of it!), and although I'm having a little trouble with every single thing I try to do, it's great to be creating something again. I used to play RPG Maker 2 for hours on end in the PS2 days, so there's a warm glow of nostalgia about the whole process.

Speaking of nostalgia for my younger years, I've rekindled my love for the Pokemon Trading Card Game with Nintendo's online version. It's actually super good, so I'll be balancing my energy/trainer/Pokemon ratio in between confusing myself with RPG scripts. Conkeldurr is my go-to evolution, in case you were wondering.

Gaz Plant

It's all about Mario this weekend! I'm still thoroughly enjoying the outstanding Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. on 3DS, and plan to spend most of my time this weekend playing that. It's such a brilliant game - the music, the script, the animations, everything about it is just perfect. Easily my favourite 3DS game of the year, and a real contender for best 3DS game outright.

Meanwhile on Wii U, I've finally picked up New Super Mario Bros U, which has surprised me. I wasn't expecting to enjoy another 2D Mario platformer after the snooze-fest that was New Super Mario Bros 2, but this is just a blast to play. I'll also be brushing up on my art skills in Art Academy: SketchPad if I get the time.

Ken Barnes

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (X360) — Kinect is set up. The energy drinks are on hand. It's going to be a stealthy old weekend, and that's for sure. Unless I start randomly shouting orders at the top of my voice, of course.

Rayman Legends (X360) — If Blacklist all gets too much, I'll be dropping in on Rayman's latest adventure to see if it carries on the promise of the excellent demo that was released this week.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS) — Criminally, this one hasn't been touched since I bought it. I've been suitably chastised by everyone who's played it thus far, so I think it's about time I got my swing on.

Martin Watts

I'm hoping to find a little bit of time over the weekend to indulge in a bit of Wave Race 64. Otherwise, I'm going to be travelling most of the time, so perhaps I'll finally get around to starting either Paper Mario: Sticker Star or Fire Emblem: Awakening. I'm horribly behind with my 3DS gaming thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and I know that if I don't play Fire Emblem: Awakening soon that Andy might hurt me!

Lee Meyer

Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to eat up my time, and as there's a Bug-Off AND Fireworks celebration this weekend, I'm going to have my hands full! But I'm also going to spend some time in Cloudberry Kingdom and try my hardest not to throw my controller out the window.

Tim Latshaw

Won't have much time for play this weekend, but I'm planning on giving Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 a try. I've been on a little bit of a fitness kick recently, and at the very least the game will distract me from eating pans of brownies for a bit.

Thomas Jones

This weekend I'll be escaping the reality of life in New Zealand, the most beautiful country on the planet, by once again delving into the virtual world of Animal Crossing. My animals still aren't convinced that my town is the best around so I'll be toiling away trying to keep them happy. Ingrates!

Other than that I'll be continuing my playthrough of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Nothing like a bit of classic handheld Zelda! Oh, and trying to beat Super C with the wife without rage quitting. We've got to Stage 7. So close...

Phew, that's what we're playing. Share your weekend gaming plans in the comments below, you know you want to.