Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is now available on a plethora of platforms including Wii U, 3DS and Wii and there are a range of toys and playsets you can buy to beam into it for some virtual fun.

To help give players a feel for the game and how it plays, Nintendo UK has interviewed Disney Infinity producer John Day who outlined the two modes and the key features on Wii U.

We split the game primarily into two pieces. The first are what we call playsets, We have a number of playsets available, we have playsets for Monsters University, Pirates, The Incredibles, as well as the Lone Ranger and Cars. Now in a given playset you play within a single universe, so when you play in Cars you are a car or one of the Cars characters and you're in Radiator Springs and you do things that make sense for a car, like racing, doing stunts and tipping over tractors and stuff. Whereas if you're playing Pirates it's a completely different play style, you have one of the pirates characters and you sword fight, you sail a ship and the Kraken eats you, [there's] a lot of exploration and treasure hunting and it's very different from anything you do in Cars.

These worlds never really meet each other I can never take Jack Sparrow and put him in the Cars playset, nor does McQueen ever go in the Pirates playset. But in the second half of the game, in what we call the toybox, that's where all these things come together. The toybox is an editable world where the player can build everything from the terrain to the sky, they can bring in buildings and different bits and set up their own games where they can mix and match all these different universes together.

Day also went through some of the features that can only be found on the Wii U, thanks to the GamePad:

In addition to all the word editing features that you can use on the tablet, you also can manage your player's toys. A player can equip something in their hand and they can also wear a pack on their back, and on any other console you have to stop the game and open a menu to manage this. On the Wii U it's all handled on the tablet touch screen so I can do it very quickly on the fly while I'm playing the game using that tablet. We also fully support the take away of play feature of the Wii U so you can play the game using just the tablet and take it as far away as the signal will allow you to, which no other console supports.

We recently sat down with Mathew Solie, one of the other producers of Disney Infinity, to talk about the new game and the direction the franchise will be taking in the future. You can read the full interview with him here.

The video interview with John Day from Nintendo UK, which includes a few clips of the Wii U game in action, is below.

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