Sonic Lost World Screen

Sonic Lost World is the biggest part — that we know of to date — of Nintendo's three game exclusivity deal with SEGA, and it looks rather promising. It won't be the first time that SEGA's mascot has been exclusive to Nintendo's systems, with Sonic Colours certainly accumulating fans for its Wii and DS versions.

Good news for those fans, and perhaps those that haven't tried out those titles, is that abilities from those games — and new additions — will be present and correct in Lost World. SEGA has once again given IGN the scoop with more new footage that shows some of these abilities in action, along with some new environments to enjoy.

We were rather impressed with what we played of this title in our recent Sonic Lost World first impressions, and this new footage does the hype no harm at all. It hits NA on 22nd October, so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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