Mega Man is still in his 25th Anniversary Year, and what delights he's received as promotional gifts in his honour. We've had themed USB drives, miniature statues, and even a Rush tissue box. And yet, as our imaginary real-life Blue Bomber opens present after present, the one thing he wants the most isn't there. A new video game so he can show the world that, yes, he's still in proper video games.

We always have fan efforts on PC, of course, some of which threaten to be rather good, but Capcom itself is happy to keep the merchandise coming. Two fresh discoveries are the pictured Mega Man and Cut Man Nanoblock sets, which are — as the name suggests — rather like miniature LEGO. They're being sold on the Japanese e-capcom site for ¥1800, which is roughly $18. These sets are certainly prominent in Japan, but there's always a chance they could come to the West if Capcom decides to make it so.

You can see a couple of additional images below. They're certainly cute, but not quite the new Mega Man product most desired by fans.