Soul Saga

Disastercake's Kickstarter campaign for Soul Saga: Episode I has officially closed after receiving more than three times the original target.

The project had 5,631 unique backers and amassed an impressive total of $195,528 in the end.

Originally aiming for a PC, Linux and Mac release, Soul Saga: Episode I will now grace the Wii U thanks to a stretch goal that was lowered earlier in the campaign. It didn't take long for it to reach, however, and it smashed through it before the month of June was out.

As the title suggests, the game is an episodic JRPG starring a young lad called Mithos, who's on a quest to become the most successful Guild Master of all time.

Described by the developer as a "love letter to J-RPG classics" the game is influenced by the likes of Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden and Persona.

Naturally, nearly all stretch goals for the project were hit and new playable characters, monsters and weapons will all be coming to the finished version.

There will be a Guild Hall in the final version where you'll be able to recruit more guild members and assign them teams. Once this is done you can send them off on jobs - you are the Guild Master after all. These new pals can embark on remote missions to find treasure, discover lost landmarks, and locate hidden dungeons to explore.

Guild Battles will also be included, allowing for a new strategic combat mode that allows for larger scale scraps achieved by splitting your guild members into teams.

Disastercake's Mike Gale said he'd been amazed by the level of support for Soul Saga: Episode I and thanked everyone who helped fund it.

Another big Kickstarter success, then. Did you contribute to its funding? Let us know in the comment section below.