It was rumoured yesterday that Club Nintendo would start a promotion this month in North America that would see 3DS owners receive some extra eShop credit should they register two specific 3DS titles. Well, that deal has today been confirmed and the extra credit totals a very appealing $30.

Atlus and Nintendo are joining forces to dish out the reward and it will begin next week when Shin Megami Tensei IV is released. In order to take part in the promotion you'll need to register a copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening as well as the upcoming Atlus title on Club Nintendo and once this is complete you'll receive a code that can be redeemed in the eShop for a $30 cash injection.

Shin Megami Tensei IV will be released on 16th July and the promotion kicks off on the very same day - both digital and physical copies are eligible for the deal.

Fire Emblem: Awakening sold particularly well in North America so this will certainly be an extra bit of incentive for those currently debating whether or not to pick up Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Those not looking to grab hold of either of these titles right away but still want to participate in the offer have until 31st August to register the two games.

Will you be taking advantage of this excellent promotion? Will it entice you to pick up either of the two games? Let us know in the comment section below.