We reckon Phil enjoys a good fishing contest

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is currently taking the world by storm with players from all over collecting fossils, catching fish, chasing bugs and selling turnips to their heart's content.

It seems Phil Fish, the developer behind the popular title Fez, is also enjoying the game and he has taken to Twitter to let the world know how "cute and quaint" it is.

He also gave Nintendo some praise for not implementing a microtransaction business model for the popular title considering how the elements of the game lend themselves to one.


Microtransactions are something Nintendo is looking into at the moment and the company revealed Steel Diver will be its first entry into the free-to-play arena. The game, which was a 3DS launch title, is set to emerge before March 2014 but there's been no news on which system it will appear on.

What are your thoughts on microtransactions being implementing in future Animal Crossing titles? Let us know in the comment section below.

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