Namco Bandai is releasing One Piece: Romance Dawn for the 3DS in Japan next month and has confirmed it will be localised in Europe at a later date.

However, there has been no mention of a North American release and unfortunately it appears the love affair is now over as Namco Bandai has informed Siliconera that it has "no plans" to sail the game over the Atlantic Ocean.

One Piece: Romance Dawn was released on the PSP last year in Japan and the 3DS adaptation will be the only version to leave the Land of the Rising Sun. The game, which is an RPG based on Eiichiro Oda's anime series One Piece, follows a character called Monkey D. Luffy and allows you to play through the main events of his childhood. It will also give characters such as Chopper and Sanji their own storylines to embark on as well.

Europeans can see what's in store in the trailer below, while North Americans can take a look at what they'll be missing out on.

What are your thoughts on this, North America? Are you disappointed not to be getting this one? Let us know in the comment section.