Last week we reported on the news that eBooks are coming to the 3DS in Japan this Fall, with the slim details stating there'd be around 300 books aimed mostly at children. Dai Nippon Printing has now stepped forward as the company launching the service, confirming and showing the online store at the Tokyo International Book Fair.

As reported by Siliconera, the publisher has identified that a large number of grade-school children own 3DS systems in Japan, so it's an ideal platform for the free app, which will be called honto. The books themselves will apparently be a fair bit cheaper than the print equivalents, with novels, picture books and study materials set to be included.

The product will target that large 3DS-owning demographic in the region, with the goal of appealing to parents not keen to give their little ones tablets and smartphones to use. Whether a similar product would succeed in the West is questionable due to the prevalence of those systems in households, while another publisher would have to pick up the baton in non-Japanese territories, in any case.

Still, the images of the eBooks and store in action look rather good; let us know what you think in the comments below.