Wii U White Large

Earlier this week we reported on a rumour that GameStop will be returning Wii U Basic systems as part of a product recall by Nintendo. It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility as the SKU has seemed to struggle, while a 32GB White Wii U is coming to Japan; if we were to don our guessing hats we'd suggest that the new model may make an appearance at E3.

To add further credence to the rumour, we've been sent a copy of a Best Buy weekly employee brief, and it contains a very similar message to the GameStop equivalent received by Kotaku, but in this case the return of systems looks set to begin before E3. Below is the relevant text from the document.

All Wii U Basic units (SKU 5709727) will be included on Sendback June 10-11. Stores should pull all new in box units and send them back following the normal Sendback process. Stores should expect to see more Wii U Deluxe units arriving in the coming weeks.

The document in question appears to be authentic, but in a similar manner to Kotaku we won't publish it directly. As its providence can't be confirmed with 100% certainty, we've marked this as a rumour.

Be that as it may, it's looking increasingly likely that the Wii U Basic model may be withdrawn from stores in favour of a single Deluxe offering (in white and black) for the marketplace. If you happen to have a Basic Wii U, you may end up owning one of less than a million that have been sold.

Do you think Nintendo should scrap the 8GB model, or stick with two different options at retail? Sound off in the comments below.