Mega Man Unlimted

At the time of writing, it looks unlikely that Capcom will be reeling out a new Mega Man game to celebrate the series' 25th Anniversary, with free PC title Street Fighter X Mega Man and various collectibles being the offerings dished out by the publisher.

Yet while the officially sanctioned fan game released last year — as it was merely polished by Capcom staffers — was a decent if flawed effort, another PC fan title creeps closer that promises to give fans some classic Mega Man fare. In the works for a good amount of time, Mega Man Unlimited has such delicious pixel art that it was once mistaken by Capcom for its own work on a website for Mega Man 10, prompting its main man Philippe "MegaPhilX" Poulin to be invited to a Capcom event. The project now has a solid team working on it, and has moved onto the QA testing phase.

To celebrate that progress and its march towards completion, Poulin has produced a new trailer that shows plenty of impressive footage, also accompanied by a suitably cheesy J-pop tune to set the mood. This looks rather awesome to us, and we advise all Blue Bomber fans to check it out below.