Mega Man 5

If you're a Mega Man fan that simply has to buy every re-release that graces Nintendo Virtual Console platforms, chances are you may have just recently downloaded Mega Man 5 onto your 3DS. Coincidentally — or not, we suspect — Capcom has updated its gradual release of the Blue Bomber's soundtracks with the fifth entry over on the Capcom store.

Capcom's been releasing all of the NES soundtracks — even the iffy Mega Man 2 conversion — at $8.95 a pop, and this latest release has a meaty 57 tracks. This particular title's tracks were the work of former Capcom employee Mari Yamaguchi, who also put together the iconic Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts soundtrack, and even contributed to the Mega Man franchise as recently as Mega Man 10.

We expect more soundtracks to come, or at least the sixth entry once it lands on the 3DS Virtual Console. Are any of you tempted to put down the cash for this latest release?

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