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The Mega Man franchise is currently indulging in its 25th Anniversary celebrations with various goodies though yes, we know, no full game to date. For fans of the series, however, recent months have given a good opportunity to buy assorted trinkets to celebrate, with Capcom also gradually bringing the first six NES titles to the 3DS Virtual Console, too.

The latest range of extras to buy come in the form of official Mega Man soundtracks that were previously only available in Japan. Rather than the CDs enjoyed in The Land of the Rising Sun, these are DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) MP3 files that you can download for your various devices. So far Capcom has released the Mega Man and Mega Man 2 official soundtracks, though unfortunately they're only available in the U.S. Capcom store (for North, Central and South America), so if you're outside of that territory you won't be able to complete an order. We assume that this is due to a licensing issue, but is unfortunate for those of us in Europe and elsewhere.

These soundtracks are among the finest from the 8-bit era, of course, though it's worth noting that the Mega Man 2 soundtrack has some issues that the others avoid. According to Destructoid the tracks of this one album weren't converted properly, so there are glitches and hiccups that mar the experience — the others should be fine.

These are going for $8.95 each on the Capcom store, so are you tempted to pick either of the first two up, or the others when they arrive?

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