Don't worry about traffic lights

While in many respects the West is better off than Japan on the eShop platforms — due to publishing rules in Nintendo's homeland — there are some releases exclusive to the region. One of these is the @Simple DL Series from D3 Publisher, which is a sequence of budget 3DS games that have followed on from an equivalent range on DSiWare.

The latest, snappily-titled @Simple DL Series Vol.13 The Taxi: I am a Charismatic Driver bears an uncanny resemblance to iconic SEGA title Crazy Taxi, in which you rush around a city and take citizens wherever they want to go. This release also has plenty of wacky upgrades for taxis, which can serve as boosts and affect the way the car handles, and some less important visual tweaks to look good while crashing through obstacles.

It arrives in Japan on 12th June for 600 Yen. We're not convinced this'll make it West (as the series never has to date) but that doesn't mean we can't dream.