A thing of beauty

There's a feeling you get with a cartridge that you just can't find with a boring compact disc. They may be a thing of the past but there are many people out there who still appreciate their charm.

One person who clearly has a love for NES cartridges in particular is Etsy artist Jess Firsoff, who is making and selling special NES cartridge rings via her online store.

Jess has shown off two rings - one with the special golden The Legend of Zelda cartridge and the other featuring Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt - and we think they look pretty amazing.

Disappointed your favourite game isn't available for purchase? Well, worry not as Jess will make any cartridge you want, all you need to do is specify your game of choice when you order and it shall be made! Those who choose not to let her know which one they want will receive a Mario Bros./Dunk Hunt ring.

Naturally, Jess has been inundated with orders so you won't be able to get them shipped to you very quickly, but if you fancy one it's well worth pre-ordering.

If you were to get one, which cartridge would you go with? Let us know your favourites in the comment section below.

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