Not so long ago, you may remember us drawing your attention to the Super Metroid Symphony, which is the work of talented composer and sound engineer Blake Robinson, the man behind the Synthetic Orchestra. If you like the music from the iconic Super NES title but want to hear it with a fully orchestrated sound, it's a terrific listen.

The Synthetic Orchestra is now returning with a fully licensed, authorised release — through Joypad Records — of music from the Banjo Kazooie series, the most recognisable entry arguably being the original that graced the Nintendo 64. Grant Kirkhope produced the original soundtracks, and he's given the album a thumbs up.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people still listen to the music from the Banjo games after all these years, it really is very humbling.

When Blake told me that he wanted to make some new fully orchestrated versions of the music from Banjo-Kazooie I was really flattered. I'd heard his work on other game projects and was just blown away at how good it all was. He sent me some links to the music and I just couldn't believe how excellent they were. I have to say that I'm really honoured that he's taken the time and effort to take those old rough sounding tunes and turn them into something that I think is fantastic... I hope you all agree!

We've had a cheeky preview listen and have to concur that the album is sounding fantastic. We'll bring you a review ahead of the album's full release on 31st May, when it'll arrive on Loudr and iTunes for $10; check out full details over at the Banjo-Kazooie Symphony website. If you want to know more about Blake Robinson and his work, then perhaps you should read our interview with the man himself.