Project X Zone boasts an impressive character roster

Back in January Namco Bandai confirmed the brilliant-looking tactical-RPG Project X Zone would be coming to North America and PAL regions this Summer, despite sales being relatively poor in Japan. The 3DS title is a crossover that sees characters from the SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai universes battle it out for supremacy.

Namco Bandai has now confirmed it'll be in stores on 25th June in North America. This comes from Namco Bandai's website and has since been confirmed, however, on the European site the game is still scheduled for Summer 2013. We'll keep you posted on further developments regarding the European release.

Monolith Soft is the developer behind Project X Zone so we're looking forward to this one immensely. The title got off to a slow start in Japan but this hasn't deterred Namco Bandai from releasing it in the West. For those wondering, the developer has decided to retain the Japanese voice track instead of redoing it all in different languages, so expect to be reading quite a bit of text with this one.

Are you looking forward to playing Project X Zone this Summer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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