Were you ever playing with your Pocket Pikachu (aka Pokémon Pikachu) in the late ‘90s and thought, “Gee, I wish I was able to wear this on my wrist?”

Well honestly, you probably could’ve found some way to attach a band to the thing. But now, thanks to 21st Century technology, you can wear a digitized version of your digital pet on your watch!

As the Kickstarter-funded superwatch Pebble trickles out to buyers, Polygon reports that developers have already started creating apps through a recently released software development kit.

Steven Staff created the Pocket Pikachu app. He either has a good idea of nostalgic gadgets people would love to fiddle with again or this is a long overdue memorial to a little buddy lost after one too many back-pocket rides in the washing machine.

A Tetris clone called Pebblis has also been designed for the Pebble. That’s cool and all, but we all know the next logical step to a Pocket Pikachu on your watch is a fully functional C-Gear, right?

What other games or devices would you like to see in smartwatch form?

[source polygon.com, via forums.getpebble.com]