If there's one thing that really annoys us about using Wii Remotes in the Nintendo Life office, it's the fact that you need a constant supply of AA batteries on hand at all times, or a stock of rechargeable AA batteries which take ages to fully juice-up. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 feature bespoke rechargeable options, and it's always puzzled us as to why Nintendo has been so reluctant to come up with its own solution.

Now — more than half a decade since the launch of the Wii — it would appear that the company is finally doing something about this issue. An online survey run by Nintendo recently asked the following question:

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It's about time. We'd personally like to see such an accessory ship with every Wii Remote sold, and the reliance on AA batteries be banished to the past where it belongs. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with using AA batteries? Vote in the poll below to tell the world what you think.

Would you buy a Fast Charger kit if Nintendo released one? (231 votes)

Yes! This should have been available from day one


No, I actually prefer using AA batteries


Maybe, I don't really care either way


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[source gonintendo.com]