Wayforward Technologies recently confirmed a Mighty Switch Force sequel for 3DS, stating that it's due to arrive in the first or second quarter of this year; that's, well, any time in the next few months. Not long to wait, in that case, and the studio has taken to Twitter to tease what appears to be a screen from this title.

As a tweeted hint it's slightly vague but, at the same time, quite intriguing.

Could this be called Mighty Switch Up, and what could the puzzle-platforming variation be this time around? We suspect this is the 3DS sequel, as the background environment fits — albeit with an apocalyptic look — and Wayforward recently stated that Patricia Wagon would feature, but with a different task this time around. Perhaps she's rescuing lost and abandoned babies, like the one looking rather worried in that image.

Either way, it's looking pretty good. Feel free to speculate wildly about what it all means in the comments below.