It's arcade Mega Man, sort of

Earlier today we posted an article on The Electus 64 II Mini, a handheld Nintendo 64 that resembles a glossy, chunky Game Boy. And rather like London buses (wait for an eternity and two come at the same time), we've been directed to an arcade cabinet that plays NES games — just like the handheld N64, that's actual cartridges rather than ROMS.

It's the creation of Alex Clark, another console modder who some may know already from his "Clarky Smithy" YouTube channel — he's done his own handheld consoles and more already. He's told us that this NES unit is about 1.5 metres tall and has been built for his daughter, though at just 15 months old she's unlikely to play it quite yet. Called the Maizycade, the cabinet's main parts are a 15-inch TV and a NES console, both slotted in and wired up within a rather attractive cabinet. The control panel is classic arcade fare, with two sets of sticks and buttons (along with Start and Select inputs) which will be perfect for all those NES classics.

As explained in the video below, as Clark's daughter gets older he'll update and upgrade the systems running in the unit, with the cabinet remaining unchanged apart from its innards and updated control panels.

While it'd be 100 times easier to simply hook up a NES to a TV and give the controller to a young gamer, we're sure you'll agree that this is an utterly charming way to introduce our favourite hobby. After all, games like the Mega Man series may feel even cooler on an arcade unit.