Capcom's Strider is one of the seminal arcade titles of the '80s, thanks to its balletic gameplay, amazing visuals and fantastic setting. Given the amazing potential of the premise (who doesn't want to be a futuristic ninja?), it's surprising that Capcom hasn't done more to exploit the character over the years — aside from a PlayStation-based sequel in 1999, Strider has been relegated to cameo appearances in titles like Marvel vs. Capcom and SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash (we'll conveniently ignore US Gold's terrible Strider II for Sega consoles).

However, it would appear that things are about to change. A cover image for a new Strider title has been found on the official Xbox site, but has since been removed. To add more fuel to the fire, a Steam achievement has popped up which features the title character.

Capcom is apparently announcing some new games at the PAX East event this Friday. What are the chances of a new HD Strider being one of them? And could it possibly be coming to the Wii U eShop, as well? Cross those fingers, people.

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