Etrian Odyssey

While fans in the West are just forging into Etrian Odyssey IV or eagerly awaiting its arrival, time marches on in Japan: news on what’s next for the series is expected to arrive soon.

Tweets from Atlus Japan have teased an announcement regarding the Etrian Odyssey series which will appear in the March 28th issue of Famitsu. Details on the 3DS version of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 are also said to be featured.

Etrian Odyssey IV was released in Japan in July 2012, making announcement of a new instalment possible, but not confirmed. With the increasingly warm welcome that both Atlus franchises (and don’t forget Fire Emblem!) are receiving on western shores, it only stands to reason that more eyes will be turning toward Japan for info on what’s to come.

Would you be keen to get your hands on a new Etrian Odyssey? Or is Shin Megami Tensei more your cup of tea? Post a comment to let us know.

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