If Big N pays for it, you'll get it

Fez creator, Phil Fish, has been doing the rounds across the internet recently, with his comments that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would be more suited to the Playstation Vita; he later attempted to clear up the fact that he was taken out of context on Twitter, by saying that he loves Nintendo more than it deserves.

In a fresh tweet on his widely praised title, Fez, Fish has stated that it will be unlikely to reach the Wii U unless it's funded and ported by Nintendo:


Similar noises have been made — potentially with tongue in cheek in this example — by Team Meat, stating that the presence of Meat Boy in Super Smash Bros. would get the popular platformer onto Wii U. On the flipside, Nintendo of America's Dan Adelman has recently spoken about making eShop publication "as frictionless as possible"; we're not sure that'll include paying for titles such as Fez itself.

So not only will it not arrive on Nintendo's latest home console, a 3DS port has also been ruled out too, which we reported on last week. What are your thoughts? Is it a game you would have liked to see released for either system?

[source twitter.com, via nintendoeverything.com]