Digimon World Re Digitize Decode 3 DS

A little while ago we told you that PSP title Digimon World Re:Digitize was coming to 3DS as an expanded version, with Decode being plonked on the end of the game title. It's certainly a popular series in Japan, though can only really claim niche status in the West.

While news of a localisation is, unsurprisingly, not forthcoming as yet, it's been confirmed that Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode will arrive in Japan on 27th June, avoiding a direct battle — which it would most likely lose — with Pokémon X & Y. Japanese magazine V-Jump spilled the news, also detailing new character Rina Shinomiya (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu) and a little information on one of the extra chapters, "Scheming Demon King". Below is a summary from the magazine for that chapter, courtesy of Gematsu:

Provoked by Barbaramon, who aims to take over the Digital World, Daemon, Lilithmon, Belphemon, Beelzemon, Lucemon FD, and Leviamon have begun stirring. When the protagonists run into them at the mystery area that appeared in the tower, the story heats up.

Perhaps one to look forward to for Japanese 3DS owners or enthusiastic importers; the rest of us will just have to wait and see whether it makes it West.

[source gematsu.com]