Cave Story E Shop Banner

When it comes to Nintendo Downloads, wherever you live there are certain releases that are much in demand and mysterious in their delay. They're not actually mysterious in practice, but the result of developers encountering specific issues with the Nintendo organisation in question, securing ratings or, perhaps, not having the resources to fund the various translations and localisations needed.

Whatever the case, one well-known example for European gamers in the Nintendo Life community is Cave Story on the 3DS eShop — and DSiWare, but let's keep the focus on this generation. While the title initially arrived on WiiWare and then as retail release Cave Story 3D, publisher Nicalis didn't bring its handheld versions of the title (with the remastered pixel graphics, as opposed to the new visual style of the retail edition) across from North America. Thankfully, that's finally going to be remedied, as the following tweet from the company makes clear.

So there you have it, the game has been approved and awaits a release date, which could in theory be very soon. We'll keep an eye out for updates, but are any of you in Europe planning to finally pick up this downloadable version when it arrives?