Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 8th Nov 2011
  • EU 11th Nov 2011


  • Review Cave Story 3D (3DS)

    Third dimension is the charm

    When Cave Story was first released for the PC in 2004, players quickly fell in love with its simple visual design and action-packed gameplay. And while the game has generally retained that look and feel for its subsequent multiplatform releases in recent years, Nicalis decided to put the 3D capabilities of Nintendo's new...

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Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot
Cave Story 3D Screenshot

Cave Story 3D News

  • News Nicalis Is Issuing DMCA Takedown Notices To Free Versions Of Cave Story

    "Do not support Nicalis. Do not buy Nicalis games"

    Update: Ema – who worked on a fork of the CSE2 version of Cave Story – has gotten in touch to clarify some points: 1. This DMCA is strictly for CSE2, the fanmade decompilation of the original freeware version of Cave Story. Said freeware version is unaffected by the takedown, and can be...

  • Rumour Cave Story 2 Teased at PAX South and Could Be in the Works

    "Maybe, maybe not"

    Cave Story is quite the tale of success. Developed over five years by one man, named Daisuke Amaya, it first saw release over ten years ago on PC. Since then, it's received universal acclaim, achieved widespread popularity and has been ported to numerous platforms. Taking inspiration from old school exploration and action games...

  • News Cave Story 3D to Arrive on 3DS eShop in North America and Europe This Year

    Yep, Europe has been specifically mentioned, too

    How many copies of Cave Story does it take to fill up an SD card? Just one of each version released so far, probably. Some games are particularly memorable and brilliant, with Cave Story arguably a good example, so multiple releases are somewhat tolerated. On Nintendo systems alone Cave Story's been...

  • News Nicalis Quizzes Fans Over Potential For a Physical Release of the Cave Story 3DS eShop Version

    Europe says hi

    Cave Story has been released four times in total, though that number drops to two if you live in PAL regions. We've had versions on WiiWare, DSiWare, a retail Cave Story 3D and most recently an excellent 3DS eShop version. The latter edition is arguably the best, incorp

  • Feature Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide

    Have a Mario holiday

    The festive season is almost upon us, which means that it’s time to lighten our wallets and top up the gift stockings. For those who fancy some Nintendo gaming in the coming holiday, we thought we’d pass on some hints and tips on the games and consoles to buy. We’ll cover some of the console bundles available, as well as...

  • News Brand New Cave Story 3D Gameplay Trailer

    Old versus new

    For those of you out there who are anxiously awaiting the release of Cave Story 3D on 3DS, the folks at NIS America have been kind enough to send over a brand new gameplay trailer of the game in action. In this newest video, you'll get to see just how far the game has come with its brand new 3D visual makeover. There's even some new...

  • News Cave Story 3D Hit with Another Delay

    August it is no more

    Cave Story 3D was originally planned as a 3DS launch window title but was then delayed until August, and it looks like the game hasn't stopped slipping as publisher NIS America has announced that the game has been hit by yet another delay. The press release reveals that the cause of the push back is due to gameplay improvements...

  • First Impressions Cave Story (3DS)

    A truly stunning upgrade

    After enjoying years of success as an indie PC release, Cave Story finally made the transition to the dedicated game systems on both the WiiWare and DSiWare services thanks to the good folks at Nicalis. Now the game is getting a rather thorough 3D makeover on Nintendo's new 3DS system and while the game has taken a rather...

  • News Cave Story 3D Coming August 9th

    Hits the following month in Europe

    Despite originally being expected in late June, NIS America has just announced that Cave Story 3D will be hitting stores in North America on August 9th, with a European release expected in September. You can check out the press release below for more details. NIS America is proud to announce today the official...

  • News Dig Into Cave Story 3DS on 28th June

    Nearly ready for retail

    Much-loved platform adventure Cave Story isn't just content with appearances on WiiWare and DSiWare: it wants to conquer every Nintendo format going. The next part of its world domination plan kicks off on 28th June, when Cave Story 3D reaches stores across North America. It's not a simple port of the existing game either, as...

About The Game

Cave Story Goes 3D!

Cave Story 3D is a side scrolling action adventure game inspired by the fan-favorite 2D original. Now in a full 3D world, Cave Story takes the proven 2D action, exploration into stereoscopic awesomeness. You wake up in a cave with no idea who you are or where you came from, but you know you must help a cute race of rabbit-like creatures beat the crap out of some crusty old doctor.

As you advance through the game, you’ll learn the origin of the Mimiga world and even your own. Like the critically acclaimed Pixel masterpiece, Cave Story 3D is a combination of high-speed shooting action scenes with heavy emphasis on platforming, exploration, light puzzle solving as well as a deep storyline.