Chasing Aurora will be getting a sequel, of sorts

Chasing Aurora has been in the Wii U eShop since the system's launch, and plenty of people have been enjoying soaring through it; a demo for the game is now available to download free of charge for those wanting to fly before they buy.

In a recent interview with 4CR, Broken Rules, the developer behind the game, said it was content with the sales Chasing Aurora has amassed and confirmed that due to the control style it won't ever be made available for other consoles.

Many people have been wondering what the developer is up to now that the demo is out, as well as a major update that sorted out a few niggling issues and reduced loading times, among other things. Broken Rules stated clearly that it had nothing scheduled for the 3DS, but does have plans for the Chasing Aurora franchise.

We’re certainly working on a new game set in the same world as Chasing Aurora. All I can tell you so far is that it will be a single player game.

Whether or not it will feature the same style of gameplay or come to Wii U is still unknown, but the prospect of a single player game with a similar style is certainly intriguing; especially considering that Chasing Aurora supported five player multiplayer.

What would you like to see in the next game from Broken Rules? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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