Back in action!

Best Buy has decided not to destroy the R.O.B. unit that nearly cost an employee his job. The robot, which an employee unsuccessfully attempted to take home instead of being recycled as part of Best Buy's Renew Blue program, will instead be sent to the company's corporate headquarters to be put on display.

Best Buy had some enthusiastic words for the rare Nintendo accessory, as reported by Business Insider:

We are in the process of retrieving the robot and gaming system from the store so that we may put it on display here at our corporate headquarters in Richfield. A bit of nostalgia that our employees and visitors alike, are sure to enjoy!

We recycle virtually any consumer electronic device out there, but as you can imagine an item like this is fairly unusual and we can see why it captivated our employee’s imagination

There has been no comment on the status of the employee who took to Reddit to bring attention to his cause. Whatever his fate, he has definitely proven that you can't keep a good fan down.

Did you have a R.O.B. during the NES era? Let us know in the comments.