Monolith 3 DS

Monolith Soft is, for JRPG fans at least, a name at the top of many Wii U hype lists. The impressive trailer for X, as it's codenamed, reminded many of the sheer scale and epic adventure in Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, but with greater resources to exploit on the system. This praise won't be news to eager importers who've known of the company for years, but its acquisition by Nintendo in 2007 has undoubtedly introduced the studio to a worldwide audience.

Monolith Soft is clearly a developer on the rise, and not just on Nintendo's home consoles. We shouldn't forget that the company has a team focused on 3DS which co-developed Project X Zone, a release coming to the West this Summer. Rumours of a solo project on 3DS have been swirling around for a significant period, meanwhile, going back to February 2012 when the company recruited a number of roles for a handheld title. We've heard little since, but a new job post — for 3D CG designers — has popped up on Facebook, alongside an intriguing piece of concept art.

It looks like more fantastical goodness — check out the trees and the lady's partner — and it's enough to get us more than a little bit interested. Does the fact that it's Monolith Soft on 3DS, along with cool-looking trees and characters, get you excited about what could be coming on the handheld?

Thanks to CanisWolfred for the tip.