Painting a pretty picture

Goodbye Galaxy Games has been one of the more prominent developers for DSiWare. It's behind titles such as Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish and Ace Mathician — which was voted by the humble Nintendo Life staff as the best DSiWare title of 2012.

The developer announced its latest title for DSiWare, the vibrant puzzle-based platformer called Color Commando, last year. It has now released some more information on the upcoming title.

The aim of the game is to hunt for treasure, however several nasty color monsters are stopping you from doing so. To get past these colourful creatures you must collect and use paint blobs scattered about the levels. You use these blobs to paint spots in the world using the touch screen, and should an unsuspecting monster happen to come into contact with a blob that is the same colour, it will dissolve away into the spot, allowing you to pass through unharmed.

Naturally the levels will get more and more taxing as you progress and you'll certainly have to put a lot of thought into some of the puzzles. There are 5 worlds in the game, each with 4 normal levels and 1 star level. As you may have guessed unlocking the star level is done by getting all of the treasure in the other 4 levels.

Goodbye Galaxy Games is hoping to sell Color Commando for around 200 Nintendo Points, and says it should offer the average player around 2 hours of gameplay. The developer says it should be out in early 2013, which means we shouldn't be waiting long.

Hugo Smits, the man behind the game, told us a few months ago that Color Commando was developed in a "spur of the moment" and that it will likely be the last DSiWare game from Goodbye Galaxy Games.

Are you looking forward to this one? Take a look at the new trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.