Resident Evil Revelations 3

Resident Evil Revelations launched on the 3DS last year and was granted a positive critical reaction. It also sold well - but apparently not quite as well as Capcom was hoping.

Speaking to Eurogamer about the newly-announced home console port of the game, producer Masachika Kawata commented:

Going by the 3DS market at the time we released the game, it was definitely a success and we're certainly hoping we can repeat that success with the home console version.

Given the large development costs we had on the 3DS version, we would have liked to have even a little more sales than we did in the end. But that doesn't mean we saw it as a failure by any means.

Reading between the lines, we can assume that the 3DS version didn't sell well enough to recoup the cost of development, hence the need for this home console edition to balance the books. Hopefully that doesn't mean that Capcom - and other third party developers - will be dissuaded from creating similar big-budget titles for Nintendo's handheld.

Perhaps it would have sold better if Capcom had checked its spelling before release?