North America doesn't have to wait much longer now for Fire Emblem: Awakening, the 3DS strategic RPG that sees you play as Lord Chrom and the Shepherds in a battle against a mysterious new evil.

Nintendo has now revealed some more information on the game including how StreetPass and SpotPass will be implemented, as well as what players can expect to find in DLC (downloadable content). On top of this it has revealed that a demo will be available in the eShop from 17th January — the game itself will be available in physical or downloadable form from 4th February.

From day one new maps will become available to download with others being added at regular weekly intervals. The first map will be available to download free of charge for a limited period, while others are likely to follow suit with the Japanese release and set you back some change; these additional maps will be offered at various price points, though we have no ball-park figures at this time. The downloadable content will be accessed through the Outrealm Gate which is located on the in-game world map; the gate is unlocked after the fifth mission in the main story mode is complete.

Nintendo will also be distributing new content via SpotPass for free, which will start to trickle through after launch and will feature additional maps with new storylines, characters and items. StreetPass isn't being neglected either, with players being able to exchange game data with others. This involves setting up a team of 10 units that will be transferred upon passing a fellow player; StreetPass characters can then appear on your world map and you'll be able to recruit their team leaders for money, or you can recruit them for free if you successfully defeat them in battle; you can also buy valuable items from them if you fancy. If you want to be a show-off, meanwhile, StreetPass battle victories will boost your “renown” for everyone else to see.

Europeans will be able to get hold of the game in April and will also be hoping to receive a demo before release.

Are you looking forward to playing Fire Emblem: Awakening? Will you be trying out the demo, North Americans? Let us know in the comments section below.