Have you ever been sat at home watching an episode of the popular British TV series Downton Abbey and thought 'you know what, they should make a game out of this'. Well who hasn't, and that's exactly what YouTube user Bill Kiley must have thought, as he has created a brilliant fake trailer for what would be a 16-bit Super Nintendo game.

The trailer shows off some gameplay that manages to capture the mood of the TV show. There's also a chiptune version of the show's theme which, if you ask us, is a major improvement.

You play as the new footman and must help the residents with their problems. The Earl of Grantham has lost ten of his most precious cigars, and it's up to you to locate them; if you can find time however, as you're also spying on Mrs Patmore for Mary Crawley who believes the cook is trying to kill her husband! The head housemaid also needs you to fluff up some pillows for her - that poor footman sure has a lot on his plate.

Sadly, the game isn't real. Check out the fake trailer below and let us know what you think of it.

[source eurogamer.net, via youtube.com]