Every now and then an eager retro collector raises eyebrows by offering something unique at an eye-watering price, which in the past has included items such as demo NES cartridges. This time around we have an entire collection of Super NES games up for sale, which includes all 721 retail releases for the system that hit the U.S, Canada and Mexico, with a "Buy it now" price of $24,999 on eBay.

That comes to just under $35 per game, with the seller going to a lot of trouble to list each and every title along with gradings for the condition of the cartridge, manual and box, though some titles don't have a manual; there are also details of extensive cleaning and a promise that all of the games work. While the eBay top price is an option, the original post on Reddit also welcomes lower bids made directly outside of the auction site, to avoid a rather hefty 10% fee.

So, why was this collection developed only to be sold off? Well, the reasons are a hot potato here at Nintendo Life.

I built this set to obtain scans and clean verified dumps for every game, which I have now finished. The scans are appearing on snescentral.com, and the improved emulation will appear in the next higan/bsnes release. I will be using 100% of the profits from this sale to do the same for the European and Japanese sets next.

This set represents three years of effort. From scouring every used game store in my home state, to bartering purchases from dozens of vendors online, to enlisting the help of everyone willing to search around their areas to find things for me, to donations of items that are impossible to find for sale anywhere, to hundreds upon hundreds of hours cleaning and polishing everything. I've never seen a set this complete before, and it's unlikely another one will ever surface.

If you have a spare $24,999 hanging around every Super NES game released in North America could be yours; no-one said having it all would be cheap.

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