During the European Wii U launch shenanigans a few days ago, we reported that some gamers were receiving their Wii U systems a day early from Amazon and other online retailers, but that some Premium bundles were missing their copy of Nintendo Land. This must have been particularly frustrating for those buying that set with the intention that Nintendo Land would be their only game on launch day, and we can only assume it was due to some hiccups at the packaging facilities.

In that original article we reported that Amazon was sending legendary games designer John Pickford a replacement copy, allowing him to order it for £0 from the website. That was no doubt due to a friendly customer service advisor trying to help, but it's now being reported on Twitter and elsewhere that Amazon is emailing customers with download codes so that they can get their copy of the game from the eShop. The email says the following:

It's been brought to our attention that a small number of orders for this item may have been delivered without the advertised game, Nintendo Land, due to supplier error.

In the event that your order was one of the small number missing the game, please use the following code and instructions below, to download the game.

John Pickford, for his part, seems to be onto a winner thanks to his early initiative.

Are you one of the unlucky ones in Europe that didn't get a copy of Nintendo Land with your Premium console, and if so are you happy to be compensated with a download code? Sound off and let us know in the comments section.

[source digitalspy.co.uk, via twitter.com]