Basic Pack owners look away now

Gamers will have two choices when the Wii U is released, they can either take home a Premium Pack which has 32GB of memory, or the Basic Pack which comes with a relatively meagre 8GB. However, once the internal drives have been formatted and other built-in data requirements are taken into account these figures nosedive to just 25GB and 3GB respectively.

So where does all this hemorrhaged data actually go? Well 10% of the total figure is spent up on formatting the internal drives while the other 4.2GB of data is most likely set aside for the system software and things such as the Miis that will fill up the WaraWara plaza on the home screen. Wherever it does end up one thing's for sure - Nintendo aren't giving Wii U owners much space to work with.

This loss will naturally affect Basic Pack owners a lot more than those who chose the Premium Pack as their storage space will now be so small they will struggle to house any downloaded games on it at all. Take Nintendo Land for example; a download copy will take up 3.2GB of data meaning it simply will not fit. New Super Mario Bros. U takes up 2GB of data so can just about get itself on the system but it’ll be awfully cramped in there - and don't even think about storing Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition which is available to download in Japan with a humongous file size of 16.7GB.

Naturally, the built-in storage can be expanded with the help of SD cards and USB hard drives of up to 2TB but this does raise questions about Nintendo’s limited built-in memory for the Wii U. Is the difference in built-in memory between the Basic and Premium models actually significant enough to matter?

Have you pre-ordered a Basic Wii U Pack? Does this news worry you? Let us know what you think.

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