AckkStudios - the team behind Two Brothers - has given some more details about what it's like to work with Nintendo on the Wii U eShop.

Speaking to Kotaku, brothers Brian and Andrew Allanson (spooky, eh?) spoke about how Nintendo had approached the development of the game, as well as their future projects:

"I'm relieved because I didn't know what to expect," Andrew said. "As soon as it was very clear that they had a direct business plan with how they want to work with indies, and that everything was very fair, the sort of stereotype of Nintendo being difficult to work with as an indie developer... I feel like they're trying to fight against it."

The Allansons want to keep working on Nintendo consoles. They've got some ideas for how to use the Wii U's GamePad with Two Brothers, and they say they've been tinkering with their next game—a game that Brian says will feel like "3D Earthbound"—which will be their next project for the Wii U. (Two Brothers will be out early next year.)

"We're not promising it'll be as good," Brian said when I pointed out what a lofty promise "3D Earthbound" would be to so many RPG fans. "But we promise it'll be inspired."