Clad in green garments, sporting a pointy hat and defined by elf-like ears, you'd think we were talking about Hyrule's hero - Link. Wrong. We have Peter Pan in mind, the protagonist from one of Walt Disney's most famous animated productions, who became an inspiration for the The Legend of Zelda's main character.

In an interview with French site Game Kult, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about the origin of Link. Miyamoto explained that they wanted to make the character recognizable, so as a result, sprite designer Takashi Tezuka turned to Disney when putting together the design for Link. (We're guessing Tinkerbell is Navi but slightly less annoying, right?)

Miyamoto also gave some insight into the origin of the character's unique name. When the team began designing the first The Legend of Zelda game, the Triforce fragments were supposed to be electronic chips. The series was planned to take place in both the past and future, and the hero was the "link" in the middle - hence the name.

In that same interview, Miyamoto discussed how baffled he is that anyone would want a new F-Zero game - something which has already stirred up quite a bit of debate on this very site.

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