Artists look set to boost their social lives

There have been a fair amount of artistic games released for 3DS since its arrival, and one of the more impressive applications around has been Colors! 3D. It's a tool which allows you to paint on five different layers to create a three dimensional painting that, with a bit of practice, can look good enough to hang on your wall – not that we’d recommend nailing your 3DS to a wall, mind you.

The application is one of the most downloaded titles on the 3DS eShop and its developer, Collecting Smiles, has now revealed there will be an update coming before the year is out that will address the niggling bugs and add some new features.

The main feature being added will make it a lot more social. Now users will be able to ‘follow’ a particular artist in the same way you may do on other social media services such as Instagram. Once you follow an artist their works will appear on the front page of your gallery for you to admire.

On top of this your ‘favorites’ will be renamed to ‘liked paintings’ and will now become public, allowing you to discover new paintings more easily and of course see what your friends are liking. Also mentioned was a filter which will apparently play an important role in finding a good solution for the divided opinions in the community regarding tracing. This is something the team has promised to elaborate more on in the future.

There’s no confirmed release date for the update yet, though when it does become available it will be free of charge. We gave Colors! 3D 9/10 in our review, so there’s nothing abstract about it, this is a great little application for budding artists and part-time doodlers alike. Are you looking forward to being a bit more social with this artistic application?