We like a good rumour here at Nintendo Life, but the latest delicious morsel to grace the internet is crazy enough that it might be true. This one's definitely a case of "only Nintendo", we give you... Wii Mini.

While "mini" devices are quite the craze right now courtesy of a certain fruit-named tablet device, the concept of a Wii Mini seems a little off-the-wall. The existing Wii model, especially if you consider the newer version that doesn't include GameCube backwards compatibility, isn't exactly a hulking beast of a machine. It's been the smallest home console of its generation by a long way.

Still, according to Nintendo World Report, and a retailer release schedule source that apparently can't be disclosed, a Wii Mini Console is coming — presumably to North America in this case — on 7th December. There appears to be little logic to producing a new version of Wii now that it's already claimed so many sales and is on the way out, especially as it's also extremely affordable and rather diminutive. Still, with Nintendo we wouldn't rule it out — Game Boy Micro, anyone? — with the listing stating that the mini version will only include a sensor bar, Nunchuk and Wii Remote Plus.

Would you want a Wii Mini at an even lower budget price, or would its existence merely make you exclaim... "oh, Nintendo!" Let us know in the comments section.

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