Treasure is one of Japan's most beloved development studios

Veteran studio Treasure - the team behind the amazing Sin and Punishment: Star Successor - has confirmed that it is working on a 3DS exclusive.

Speaking to UK magazine gamesTM, Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa revealed the exciting news:

We are making a new game on Nintendo 3DS now. Not multiplatform, but exclusive to 3DS.

When asked if it was an action title, Maegawa responded in the affirmative.

Founded in 1992 by former Konami staffers, Treasure's library of titles is packed with classics, such as Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Alien Soldier, Guardian Heroes, Bangai-O and Ikaruga.

Speaking of which, Ikaruga director Hiroshi Iuchi has recently released his own 3DS shooter in the shape of Kokuga.