Hiroshi Iuchi isn't a name that will be instantly familiar to most Nintendo fans, but you'll probably be aware of his output. He was responsible for the Dreamcast (and later, GameCube) 'polarity shooter' Ikaruga.

He's now working at Japanese 'shmup' specialist G.Rev as the director of a new 3DS game by the name of Kokuga.

Due for release in Japan on the 27th of this month, Kokuga features a unique four-player mode as well as the ability to utilise special cards to enhance your chances against the hordes of on-screen enemies. There's no word on a western release as yet.

The latest trailer for the game can be viewed below. It certainly looks rather nice, but if it's anywhere near as difficult as Ikaruga was then prospective players may wish to wrap their 3DS consoles in protective sheeting, lest they end up hurling them against a wall in frustration.

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