Chased away from launch day

When it comes to big third-party exclusives, Rayman Legends is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Wii U launch window releases. We say launch window, as Ubisoft has now confirmed that the title isn't due to hit stores until Q1 2013, which means any date between 1st January and 31st March next year.

In a statement given to, Ubisoft confirmed the news and, as expected, promised that additional time was being given to improve the game.

Rayman Legends will launch worldwide in the first quarter of 2013.

We're happy that fans are excited about the game, and we are taking the time to make sure we deliver a game that lives up to and hopefully exceeds their expectations. We'll have more details to share soon.

After widely-held expectations that this would be there on day one, it does seem possible that this is more of a tactical decision, though no doubt the development team will work on further refinements with the extra weeks available. With the system's fairly lengthy list of launch day releases, and of course blockbuster competition on other systems, Ubisoft may have been concerned with the prospect of the platformer being overshadowed and lost in the crowd, as seemed to happen with modest sales of Rayman Origins. The publisher will no doubt be keen, also, to put plenty of launch day marketing muscle behind its other Wii U exclusive, ZombiU.

Was Rayman Legends on your launch day wishlist, and if so is this a big disappointment or more of a minor annoyance?