Does this float your goat?

Yesterday, Nintendo of America broadcasted a new Nintendo Direct, which focused specifically on upcoming 3DS titles and software.

We already posted the brand new trailer to the newly-named Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but Nintendo also released fresh trailers for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Fire Emblem: Awakening, while Ubisoft has its own trailer for their upcoming Wii U exclusive, Rayman Legends.

This new trailer for Paper Mario: Sticker Star shows off a nice mix of cutscenes and gameplay, including a variety of new enemies and items. One of the more standout attacks is Mario's 'goat' sticker, which summons a gigantic goat into battle, which proceeds to 'nom nom nom' all the enemies on screen. No, we're not joking. Just check it out for yourself.

Sweeping orchestral pieces and epic battles round out the new Fire Emblem: Awakening trailer, and that's just the way we like it. The video also showcases the game's gorgeous visuals, which invoke a hand-drawn feeling despite being rendered in 3D.

Switching over to the Wii U, this new trailer for Rayman Legends shows off some frantic 5-person multiplayer. For those who need a refresher, Rayman Legends allows up to 5 people to play at once, with four players on regular Wiimotes or Wii U Pro Controllers, while 1 lone player uses the Wii U Gamepad to control Murphy.

Which game are you most excited for?

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