Would you buy DLC from this head?

Last Friday, Nintendo Japan released a short Nintendo Direct presentation which featured Satoru Iwata's disembodied head chatting about the brand new DLC packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2. A slightly different version of that same presentation is now available in English, thanks to Nintendo of Europe.

In terms of the details that really matter the packs are available today in Europe; once you've received a notification and followed the instructions the 'Shop' option will appear in the Coin Rush mode. Just like in the recent Japanese broadcast, three packs of three stages were confirmed, going from an easy coin grabbing bonanza to an extremely difficult set; the pricing details are below.

  • Three-Pack Set (#1, #2, #3) — £6,00 / €7,50
  • #1: Gold Rush Pack (one star difficulty) — £2,00 / €2,50
  • #2: Coin Challenge Pack A (three star difficulty) — £2,00 / €2,50
  • #3: Nerve-Wrack Pack — £2,00 / €2,50

If those of you in North America are wondering about your own broadcast, the good news is that one is on the way at 07:30 Pacific Time, which is 09:30 Central Time and 10:30 Eastern Time, and we'll be sure to give you all of the details here.

Thanks to Nintendo of Europe you can view the full thing below. Have you decided which pack you're going to purchase yet?

[source nintendo.co.uk]