Mega Man when he had to make his own outfit

While last week brought Pokémon dreaming and long-awaited samurai action to Europe, this week's update aims for the surprise factor. The upcoming 25th Anniversary of a certain Blue Bomber is celebrated, sort of, a retro light-gun game get's a second chance on the 3DS eShop, while the eShop also gets a demo, free DLC and a retail title. DSi and Wii both get some action, too, with a dungeon crawler and, you guessed it, a Neo Geo fighting game. Let's get to it.

3DS Download

Mad Dog McCree (Digital Leisure, £4.49/€4.99) — This re-release of a light-gun arcade shooter that helped to define the Laserdisc era, even if it wasn't as successful as some think, caught many by surprise when it was confirmed. It arrived in North America back in June for $7.99, though Nintendo hasn't confirmed the European price as yet. We'll keep an eye out for that update, but with grainy video that's strictly 2D this is a title to approach with caution, as our Mad Dog McCree review explains.

3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man (Capcom, £4.49/€4.99) — After announcing a disappointing — to put it mildly — Mega Man iOS social game to celebrate a landmark anniversary for the series, Capcom has decided that it'll throw Nintendo fans a bone by bringing the NES original to the 3DS eShop. We've seen a number of NES releases on the platform and this one could be the most teeth-grindingly difficult of the lot, with the potential for thrown 3DS systems being a real danger. The original may not necessarily be the best but it's something, right Mega Man fans? You can read our thoughts on it in our Wii Virtual Console Mega Man review.

3DS Retail Download

Mario Tennis Open (Nintendo, £39.99/€44.99) — Released back in May, this title brought a welcome return to the court for Nintendo's famous mascot. Now added to the eShop as a download — albeit at a premium price — you can see whether it's worth digging out your virtual racket by checking out our Mario Tennis Open review.


Mutant Mudds (Renegade Kid, free) — The best things in life are free, apparently, so that bodes well for this DLC for Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds. This will consist of 20 new levels at no extra cost — content originally released with the recent PC version of the game — and will see you take control of Grannie, who's old enough and wise enough to use all three power-up items at once. The levels will be found as extra CGA-themed doors in each regular stage, with the visuals matching the primitive style of the early '80s tech that inspires them. Oh, and they're free with new and existing copies of the game, in case that wasn't clear.

3DS Demo

Art of Balance TOUCH! (Shin'en Multimedia, free) — As well as free DLC, this week brings us a demo to try out, with the physics puzzler the latest to join in the fun. A follow up to a highly regarded WiiWare release, this scored an impressive 8/10 in our Art of Balance TOUCH! review, so there's really no reason not to give this free sample a spin.

3DS Discount

SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle (Nintendo, reduced from £5.40/€6 to £4.09/€4.49) — A fairly decent reduction in this week's eShop discount, with the 3D action/puzzler being a solid option for cut-priced fun. You can read all about why we recommend this one in our SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle review


18th Gate (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500 Points) — CIRCLE Entertainment has released a dizzying number of games on the DSiWare service, and has found time for another with this 2D dungeon-crawler. Played on grids and with the standard top-down perspective, this title challenges you to fight your way through 18 different areas, with three team members to use as you please. We'll be stumbling around looking for treasures and hidden paths in our review, soon.

Wii Virtual Console

World Heroes Perfect (D4 Enterprise, 900 Points) — If there's one thing that the Wii Virtual Console needs, it's more Neo Geo fighting games. We can safely say that the service is blessed with its fair share of brawlers from the classic system, which isn't a bad thing when they're often of the highest quality. This is the fourth instalment of the World Heroes series, and despite its flaws we still feel it's the best of this particular franchise on Wii Virtual Console; check out our World Heroes Perfect review for full details.

So there you have it, will you be downloading anything? Let us know in the poll and comments below; you can also check out Nintendo's official trailer announcing the releases.

What will you be downloading first this week? (106 votes)

  1. Mega Man (3DS Virtual Console)39%
  2. 18th Gate (DSiWare)1%
  3. World Heroes Perfect (Wii Virtual Console)6%
  4. Nothing this week54%
  5. Mad Dog McCree (eShop)1%

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